James is a seasoned and certified instructor who has been teaching relationship skills for years and has seen life-changing impact. Now, thanks to a generous research grant, James is teaching FREE WORKSHOPS for California Couples and Dads at the R3 Academy. Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you with application information.


This workshop gives fathers parenting tools, communication skills, relationship insights, and encouraging support to improve their relationships with their kids, co-parents, and their co-workers.

The R3 Academy for Dads is a 12-session workshop that focuses on:

  • Ways to CONNECT better with your kids!
  • Insights to IMPROVE all your relationships!
  • Tools to RESOLVE problems when they come up!
  • Tips to get a NEW job or a BETTER one!
  • Ideas to help your kids THRIVE in school & life!


This 12-session R3 Academy workshop gives all couples the practical tools and research-based teaching to overcome past hurts and difficult emotions.

Couples will learn skills that focus on:

  • Approaching conflict in NEW ways to gain cooperation!
  • CONNECTING with their partner in a deep & meaningful way!
  • Getting BETTER at dealing with difficult emotions!
  • Making HUGE improvements in all of their relationships!