About the Program

R3 Academy for Couples

Many couples have been negatively impacted by the global events over the last few years. Relationships that were previously strong are now hurting and strained; marriages that were previously troubled are now experiencing high levels of distress.

R3 Academy for Couples gives all couples the practical tools and research-based teaching to overcome past hurts and difficult emotions. Couples learn vitally important healthy communication, conflict resolution, and relationship skills. Healthy Relationships California (HRC) has received Federal funding to offer life-changing, evidence-based programs at no charge to qualifying participants in California.

The R3 Academy for Couples is a 24-hour course that focuses on:


Interpersonal Relationship Skills


Individual and Couple Emotional Growth


Household Finances

The R3 Academy for Couples is only available for California residents.


What to Expect


Top-Notch Instruction

Our qualified and experienced instructors receive high marks for their engaging teaching styles.

Highly Effective Curricula

Research has repeatedly shown our programs help participants meaningfully and effectively engage in and improve their relationships.

Easy-to-Use Skills

Practical skills to take from the “classroom” and use in the family room.

Experiential Learning

Course combines group discussions, one-on-one and small group exercises, interactive lectures, and high-quality videos.

Ongoing Support

Our R3 Academy Coaches check in by phone throughout the course to offer support.

High-Quality Products

Participants receive course materials and R3 Academy swag, including an R3 Academy polo shirt.

No-Cost Experience

For qualifying participants, the course, the materials, and the products are fully paid for by a Federal grant.


Three Format Options

Choose the course format that works best for you. All three formats provide 24 hours of Relationship Education focused on concrete, proven skills. All participants receive workbooks and other course materials via mail.

Livestream Course

Participate from the comfort of your home while still benefiting from group support. Attend the R3 Academy for Couples each week via Zoom along with other couples motivated to improve their relationships.

On-Demand Course

The on-demand format is perfect for couples who want to complete the R3 Academy for Couples on their own schedule. Once you start, each session will be unlocked every week, allowing you to complete the session anytime over the next seven days, in one or multiple sittings.

Live Course

Attend the R3 Academy for Couples live and in person with other couples in a traditional class setting.


Upcoming Course Schedule

Livestream: Zoom

Dates: Sep. 13 – Nov. 29
Time: Tuesdays 6PM-8PM
Start Enrollment By: Sep. 3

Live: In-Person

City: Hayward
Dates: Jan 17 – April 4
Time: Tuesdays 6p-8p
Begin Enrollment by: Jan 7
Language: Spanish

Online: On-Demand

Dates: Aug. 10 – Nov. 2
Time: New Content Every Wednesday
Begin Enrollment By: Aug. 1
Dates: Aug. 17 – Nov. 9
Time: New Content Every Wednesday
Begin Enrollment By: Aug. 7
Dates: Aug. 24 – Nov. 16
Time: New Content Every Wednesday
Begin Enrollment By: Aug. 14

Enroll Today!

R3 Academy courses are available for free to Californian couples. To attend, both partners will need to complete the multi-step application process, which includes online forms and phone calls with an R3 Academy Participant Representative. Application process must be completed 10 days prior to start date of the course.


What Participants Say

“I seriously thought my marriage was over. We learned a number of skills that helped us work through our issues. We have had a number of breakthroughs and our marriage is back on track.”


“Things were slipping with all aspects of my family relationships. I was acting like my father did and was afraid things would never recover. Now, thanks to the R3 Academy Couples program, my wife and relationship with the kids is better than ever!”



Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cost for this program?

The R3 Academy is available for FREE to adult couples (18+ years old) residing in California. Couples must attend the R3 Academy together; individuals are not eligible.

Do I need to participate with my partner?
To attend the R3 Academy for Couples, both partners must participate together.
How long is the course?
The R3 Academy is a 24-hour program. Livestream courses meet in two-hour sessions, typically once a week for 12 weeks. Live courses can be either two-hour weekly sessions for 12 weeks or four-hour weekly sessions for six weeks. The On-Demand learning method delivers a two-hour session to your Inbox each week, which you can complete at any time during the following seven days.
What are the steps to enrolling?
To attend for free, applicants must complete a process required by HRC’s funding guidelines. The first step is completing the Eligibility Survey [make this a live link]. Once your eligibility is verified, you will be contacted by an R3 Academy Participant Representative to complete additional forms, including two surveys that will be used to conduct valuable research into the importance of Relationship Education programs.
How will I be contacted by the R3 Academy team?
Participants attending a free R3 Academy course will receive phone calls, texts, and emails from an R3 Academy Participant Representative and an R3 Academy Coach throughout the program. Participant Reps guide applicants through the application process and send weekly class reminders. Coaches offer additional support and resources. Course materials will be shipped to participants via USPS or another common carrier.
What if I miss a Live or Livestream class?
Attendance at the first session of any Live or Livestream R3 Academy is mandatory. If you are not able to attend the first session, we can transfer you to a future R3 Academy series or you can opt for the On-Demand format.

After the first class, you can make-up up to two sessions by watching a video presentation of the material you missed. These make-up videos will count toward your overall attendance, and can help you earn the incentives for attending at least 90% of the program.

The R3 Academy Customer Service Line is available 24/7. Leave a message at (877) 989-7501 and a R3 Academy representative will respond within 2-business days.
These programs teach valuable relationship skills that have been helpful to many! These programs are not, however, intended for treatment of domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse, or other addictions. If you are experiencing any of these in your relationship, we urge you to seek additional support. if you need help with domestic violence:
Funding for this project was provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Grant: #90ZB0026. These services are available to all eligible persons, regardless of race, gender, age, disability, or religion.

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.