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Can you believe it’s been over two months since our workshop ended?  I can’t.  I wanted to mark the occasion by reaching out to encourage you to continue to use the Skills!  They have had a dramatic impact on my life, and I hope you also are seeing amazing results!

If you found this program helpful, I also encourage you to recommend it to someone you think would benefit from this experience.  There’s a blurb below on this page that you can email or text to them, and it includes a link they can use to apply.

Thank you again for your participation in the R3 Academy.  On behalf of the whole Healthy Relationships California team, I’m so grateful for you and your dedication to the ones you love.


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Acabo de terminar de tomar un curso realmente sorprendente sobre relaciones saludables y habilidades de comunicación. ¡Creo que lo te encantará! Y es gratis para los Californianos. Consulte esto para obtener más información al respecto o registrarse: R3academy.org/papas