Instructor: James | July 27th-Oct. 12th | Wednesdays 7p-9p | Live in Inland Empire, CA
Location Name – TBD: Inland Empire, CA

R3 Academy Team

Instructor: James

This is the amazing team who will be with you for your entire R3 Academy for Dads – Live course.

Your Instructor has many years of experience and receives high marks from participants for his enthusiasm and empathy. You will also be in touch with our great representatives along the way

Course Schedule

Starting July 27th, 2022 | Wednesdays 7p-9p
Begin Enrolling by: July 17th



July 27, 2022
Becoming a World Class Parent: The R3 Academy for Dads kicks off with a power-packed session that gives fathers new perspectives on parenting, and new ways to connect with their children.


August 3, 2022
Building Blocks for Successful Communication: Dads often point to this session as a game-changer in their relationship with their kids. This results from learning the building blocks for successful communication and giving empathy to family members.


August 10, 2022
How Parents & Kids Can Speak and Be Heard: Every parent and child experiences problems and issues that cause tensions in family relationships. No one wants that. Fathers learn effective ways to handle problems and deal with issues in ways that create a safe place where parents AND kids can speak and be heard.


August 17, 2022
Making Your Family a Winning Team: Building off the previous session, dads receive a road map for handling problems, a logical process to effectively resolve conflicts and turn those moments into a family-bonding experience.


August 24, 2022
Bringing Out Character in Your Kids: Discipline. Consequences. Punishment. These are part of parenting that come with a lot of confusion. Dads gain knowledge and a plan for healthy and safe ways to utilize these challenges to bring out character in their kids.


August 31, 2022
What Kids Need from Those Who Love Them: Kids have needs. And those needs change as they grow older. Fathers learn how to have a positive impact and ongoing influence in their children’s lives by keeping lines of communication open so they become a beneficial and trusted resource throughout their kids’ lives.


Sep. 7, 2022
Understanding Your Child & Supporting School Success: Children spend an extraordinary amount of their lifetime in school. But the key to their success in school is what happens at home. Fathers gain insights and tools that will help their child succeed at school, at home, and in life.


Sep 14, 2022
Making Good Choices in the Real World: Parenting is a lifelong endeavor because the parent-child relationship lasts a lifetime. Dads learn how to prepare their kids, protect their kids, and empower their kids to make good and healthy choices in the real world.


Sep 21, 2022
Finding and Growing in a Job: Designed to help dads find a job or a better job, and grow in the workplace, this session teaches how to match skills with job opportunities and maximize job prospects through available resources. Dads learn how to use communication skills to enhance their chances in job interviews and promotions.


Sep. 28, 2022
Achieving Your Job Success: Dads gain insights on how to: present their skills in ways that help employers see their potential for the company; handle stress questions that can derail job interviews; and give themselves the best chance to gain wealth through advancing in the workplace.


Oct. 5, 2022
Making Money Work: The issue of money is often a stress point for families. Fathers learn how to reduce the stress by better understanding finances, setting a budget in motion, and creating a plan that works for the entire family.


Oct. 12, 2022
Parenting in the Digital Age: Technology, social media, and gaming apps are a big part of a kid’s life. And it is often the source of conflict in a family. This final session gives dads the keys and communication tools that increase cooperation and reduce family stress over digital use.

Steps to Enroll in the R3 Academy

Healthy Relationships California (HRC) offers the R3 Academy for Dads free of charge to California residents thanks to a federal grant that offsets all the costs for the program.

HRC is required to enroll participants with a multi-step process. Due to limited space per R3 Academy and the high demand to attend, completing the enrollment process as soon as possible is advised.

Step 1:

Complete an online survey to ensure you are eligible for the R3 Academy for Dads. To be eligible, you need to live in California and be a father (or father figure) to a child aged 24 or younger.

Step 2:

Reply and agree to the Privacy Statement plus read and sign the Consent form you’ll receive via email.

Step 3:

Complete a confidential demographic survey, conducted by phone with an R3 Academy Representative.

Step 4:

In addition to offering the R3 Academy, HRC is also researching the impact our programs have on participants. Prior to starting the program, an R3 Academy Representative will call to give you a survey that asks general questions about your relationship with your child/children and your partner/co-parent. All responses are confidential. (Note, steps 3 and 4 can be done at the same time).

After Step 4 is completed, you’ll be officially enrolled to attend an R3 Academy.

Fully enrolled participants will receive a shipment prior to the first session that includes the course curricula, an R3 Academy polo shirt, and other program materials.

You also will be contacted several times throughout the course by an assigned R3 Academy Coach, who is available to offer advice, referrals, or any assistance needed.

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R3 Academy Curricula

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The R3 Academy Customer Service Line is available to answer your questions. Leave a message, 24/7, at (877) 989-7501 and an R3 Academy Representative will respond within 2 business days.
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