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I hope you and your family are doing exceptionally well. By now, someone on my team should have called you and your partner about the final survey for your R3 Academy workshop. If you spent time answering those questions, thank you so much! If we missed you, please fill out the form on this page to let me know when you would be available. I’ll ask someone to call you as soon as possible. It’s this feedback that really tells me how effective the program is over the long term PLUS it helps us offer workshops to others who really need it. And don’t forget, you’ll receive a $25 Kohl’s gift card as a thank you!

One last thing: If you benefited from your experience, please share about Healthy Relationships California and our R3 Academy for Couples program with your family and friends. Send them the blurb on the bottom of this page and change their lives!

Your help is critical. Thank you again for providing feedback and for sharing about the R3 Academy. I’m so grateful to have been on this journey with you!


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I just finished taking a really amazing course all about healthy relationship and communication skills. I think you’ll love it! And it’s free for Californians. Check this out to learn more about it or to sign up: R3academy.org/couples